I am selling my Miata Race car as I am moving to the Global platform. I purchased this car about 4 years ago which was being run in Spec Miata and then STL when I purchased it. I purchased it to run at Spring Mountain Motorsports Club in Pahrump Nv in the Miata club race program. I ran about 6 races prior to needing shoulder surgery which put me out for about 2 years and got it up to a podium runner before parking it for surgery.

Competition was pretty stiff in the Miata club racing and after a couple mid pack finishes out of 20 cars I updated some bushings, added the Flying Miata X Bracing, Frog Bracing and Racing Beat Headers and full exhaust to come back and be a consistent top 4 finisher till I had to have surgery. Now pretty much everyone has moved on to the Global cars which run slicks and are super fast so I am a couple seconds off the already fast average pace. If we could run slicks in the miata class I could battle with them, but they have us on BFG Rival street tires which are very slow. BFG R1 slicks are about 4-5 seconds faster….

Car was originally red, but I repainted exterior in a more slate grey color. In my 4 years of ownership I put about $6K into the car to make it the super quick car it is today!

I took the dashboard out to save weight, but it is included in the sale- I added passenger side ballast for better balance instead of the dash up high.

Car could run any track day and be very quick out there or could be run in SCCA STL I believe. A few stock parts would have to be removed for Spec Miata, but it is far closer to spec than a street car!

Harnesses are not in date, but I can source any at dealer cost if you like ( I have lots of dealer accounts for parts). Windscreen has a chip as you can see in the photo’s from a rock coming up at the last race, but it did it’s job and protected me…. new ones are easy and cheap to come by.

Pahrump, Nevada, United States