This 1988 Nissan 300ZX Turbo was supplied by Nissan Motorsports to Cartech Sports, modified for racing by Dal-Tex Racing, and campaigned in the SCCA/Escort Endurance Championship series in 1988 and 1989.

It was subsequently put into storage before being sold to the second owner in 1996 and raced in various SCCA club racing events in Texas until 2011. In 2012 was acquired by the seller.

This Z31 300ZX Turbo race car is now offered in California on a bill of sale with a collection of spare parts.

One of a claimed 1,077 Shiro Special models, it is finished in white and features a revised front air dam as well as removable T-top roof panels. The stripped cockpit houses a roll cage with door bars as well as a single Sparco racing seat, a Pyrotect harness, and a Firebottle fire suppression system.

The turbocharged 3.0-liter VG30ET V6 is said to have been overbored, balanced, and rebuilt under previous ownership and has been fitted with a Turbonetics turbocharger, an aftermarket intercooler, and a Nissan Pathfinder–sourced intake plenum as well as a mass air flow sensor and tuned M30 ECU from Jim Wolf Technology. Further equipment includes a five-speed manual transmission, a limited-slip rear differential, and a Pyrotect fuel cell as well as adjustable coilovers, front camber plates, and 16″ turbine-style alloy wheels. Service following the seller’s acquisition has involved replacing the brake calipers and rotors along with the clutch hydraulic cylinders.

All Shiro Special Z31 cars were finished in White Pearl and received a unique “European” front air dam with fog lights as well as a rear spoiler and removable T-top roof panels. This example was modified by Dal-Tex Racing and campaigned by Cartech Sports in the SCCA/Escort World Challenge series under the number 73 in 1988 and 1989. The car later raced under #78 following it’s acquisition by the second owner, and replacement vinyl #73 decals were reapplied by the seller. The front lip spoiler and headlamps have been removed, the front fog lamps have been replaced with brake cooling ducts, the vented hood is secured with aftermarket pins, and front windshield tabs have been added along with rear window braces. The left corner of the front bumper is damaged and the left-front fender does not match the rest of the body.

The 15″ turbine-style alloy wheels are mounted with 225/50 Toyo Proxes RA1 tires with 2015 date codes. The brake calipers and rotors are said to have been replaced in 2015, while adjustable coilovers and front camber plates were added in 2016.

The stripped cabin houses a roll cage with door bars as well as a single Sparco racing seat accompanied by a Pyrotect five-point harness. Portions of the center stack and console have been removed along with the headliner, door panels, and carpets. A Firebottle fire suppression system is installed within the passenger-side footwell.

A Sparco steering wheel frames a 145-mph speedometer and a tachometer with a 5,600-rpm redline as well as gauges for coolant temperature and fuel level. Auto Gage auxiliary readouts monitoring oil pressure and water temperature are installed in place of the factory auxiliary gauges, while a VDO boost pressure gauge has been added to a custom panel ahead of the shifter. The six-digit odometer shows 6k miles, less than 100 of which were added under current ownership. Total mileage is unknown.

A Pyrotect fuel cell was added by the seller in October 2016 and is accessed via a metal panel in the rear cargo area.

The turbocharged 3.0-liter VG30ET V6 was modified for racing as part of the initial build performed by Dal-Tex Racing of Dallas, Texas. According to the seller, the engine was bored 0.040″ over, balanced, and rebuilt prior to their acquisition in 2012 using the following components:

Wiseco forged pistons

Eagle H-beam connecting rods

COMP Cams camshafts

Jim Wolf Technology valve springs

Replacement main and rod bearings

750cc injectors

A Turbonetics turbocharger, an aluminum intercooler, a double-bypass aluminum radiator, a Nissan Pathfinder–sourced intake plenum, and polyurethane engine mounts were also reportedly added at the time of the engine work along with a Ford-sourced mass air flow sensor and tuned M30 ECU from Jim Wolf Technology. The battery was replaced in October 2023.

Power is routed to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. The transmission was rebuilt and an aluminum flywheel and single-disc clutch assembly were added under previous ownership, according to the seller. The clutch hydraulic cylinders were replaced in October 2023.

A dynamometer report from November 2023 lists a peak output of 431 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.

A collection of spare parts including a hood, doors, turbochargers, wheels, and other components will accompany the car along with the SCCA logbook and various service records that can be viewed in the gallery.

This car does not have a title, and it is being with a bill of sale. Per the stipulations of the manufacturer, the car cannot be titled for road use without their consent.

Chassis: JN1CZ14S5JX201974

6k Miles Shown, TMU

Turbocharged 3.0-Liter VG30ET V6

Five-Speed Manual Transmission

Limited-Slip Differential

Pearl White Paint

Removable T-Top Roof Panels

15″ Turbine-Style Alloy Wheels

Adjustable Coilovers

Front Camber Plates

Roll Cage w/Door Bars

Single Sparco Bucket Seat

Pyrotect Five-Point Harness

Pyrotect Aluminum Fuel Cell

Turbonetics Turbocharger

Front-Mount Aluminum Intercooler

Pathfinder-Sourced Intake Plenum

Jim Wolf Technology M30 ECU

SCCA Racing Logbook

Collection of Spare Parts

Price: $24,000

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Location: Woodland Hills, California, United States