Mallock U2 Mk 17B Mazda Rotary Sports Racer. From 1959 to present Mallock, a notable British race car manufacture has built sports racers, formula cars, World Rally Cup cars and LeMans prototypes. Winning at all levels, Mallock (now known as Ray Mallock LTD.) taking a World Rally Cup Championship and twice winners of the LMP2 class at LeMans. Mallock also built the Aston Martin Nimrod LeMans prototypes. Mallock began building the U2 sports racers in 1959 and continues to build them today with the Mk 35 chassis. Winning many British championship with the U2 sports racers has make Mallock one Great Britain’s most successful race car manufactures. This Mallock, the Mk 17B was an evolution in the construction of British Sports Racers, with it’s front, mid engine placement and its incredibly well balanced design, to it’s DeDion rear suspension, the Mk17B was the car to have from it’s era. It is one of two 17B built and one of one with Rotary Power.

Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States