I am pleased to offer this One-Off custom 6 speed Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. This custom Lambo features complete Murci body panels, lights, interior etc. mated to a custom chassis and turbocharged Chevy LS motor. Best of all world – raw Italian beauty of the Murcielago, classic scissor doors PLUS reliable and reasonable to repair Chevy LS motor. While other Murcielago owners are spending a fortune on repairs, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when you get your parts at Auto Zone for the price of a happy meal and shake. VIN # is FLA112567 and mileage is just under 1000 (since completion).

This is not a kit car, this is also not an original Murcielago. This is a full ground-up CUSTOM BUILT tube-chassis NAERC modified frame sitting under a genuine REAL Lamborghini Murcielago body and interior. It is a true one-of-a-kind car. Nothing ‘kit’ about this car. This car was built for fun and reliability with potential to upgrade to over 1000hp if someone wanted to get really crazy.

According to the owner, at the current power level, it is an absolute blast to drive on the street and the turbo sounds like a jet. It turns heads long before people see the Krypton Green monster coming. If you like attention, this is the car for you!! Everywhere this car goes. every gas pump, every stoplight – people take pictures and want to talk about the car.

Car is titled as a 2021 Florida ASPT (assembled parts). While the front clip frame is original Lamborghini, the majority of this car’s frame is NOT BUILT BY LAMBORGHINI and so it is not titled with a Lamborghini VIN number. Normal banks will not finance custom builds or hot rods because they can’t pull out a book and see what it’s worth. If you were to tally up what the parts on this car cost (without a couple thousand hours of skilled labor and custom building), they would cost more than the selling price at current used value prices on eBay – and you can’t find a lot of them. It is powered by a dependable and powerful turbocharged Corvette LS engine mated to a Porsche Boxster S 6 speed manual trans. This is most likely the most affordable and dependable Murci on the road. Try putting 50k miles on an original Murcielago and see how much value it loses.

If you want an original Murcielago, this is not your car. If you want a gated manual LP640 with all the beauty of the original car inside and out, and get parts cheap (and readily available), daily drive it and if something breaks will cost you about 1/10th to 1/100th what the original stuff would… then this is probably your only opportunity to ever see this. An original gated manual LP640 is a true unicorn – last I heard there’s about 18 in the USA and only was one for sale for over $600k. A gated LP580 recently sold at auction for $515k and a LP670 sold in Miami for $1 million for the first time ever.

This is basically a street legal race car with comfort and performance – one of which includes using a real Murcielago for everything you see and touch – ICE COLD A/C, HIGH END STEREO, POWER EVERYTHING, KEYLESS ENTRY/IGNITION. The interior and body and everything on top of the custom built chassis and drivetrain is OEM Lamborghini.

Car is getting close to 1000 miles on the odometer since completion. It was completed and titled in 2021. It didn’t exist before that! Anyone who’s ever built or bought a custom build or kit car or even a race car knows that the first few hundred miles are the most important for testing/tuning/adjusting/fixing/etc. Those first few hundred miles are very time consuming and can really make the difference in a car you love or hate to drive. The time and effort has been expensed – the car has been tweaked, sorted and dialed in. It’s ready to go. Be sure to watch the videos to get an idea of how this car looks going down the road and how it sounds (amazing).

The Back Story:

Many people have asked how this car came to be. Here is the back story – the owner/builder is a very talented car builder. In fact, he built the Vaydor (Joker’s car) from the Suicide Squad movie. His customer asked him to build a custom car utilizing a Lamborghini chassis and drivetrain. The customer sourced the Lambo car (this Murcielago) and the remaining parts were sold to the owner (interior, exterior etc) for a future project. When time permitted, the owner built this car utilizing a turbo charged LS motor and a custom built frame to go under the Murci body and interior.

Price: Auction

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Location: Oviedo, Florida, United States