2009 Dirt Duller chassis

  • The frame and lower control arms are from a early to mid 1970’s Ford Torino.
  • The spindles are from a 1980’s crown vic.
  • The front brake calipers are from a early 1980’s metric gm car.
  • It has a ford 9″ rear end with 5×5 rims.

I had it to the dirt duller shop in July of 2012 they looked over the car and had helped me set up the car I still have the sheets with the set up.

The car comes with the mid plate, headers, and every thing that is in the pictures.

The car was set up for wissota modified, I switched the car to wissota midwest modified.

Location: Bejou, Minnesota, United States

Seller: nipede_93

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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