1986 Fiat 126p Race Car

Air cooled 650 cc rear engine 2 cylinder
4-speed manual

The car was imported from the EU in 2017 and has received a clean New Jersey Tittle. The chassis and engine were purchased as a bare package, and the car was assembled at a shop, with some work being done at a Fiat Dealership in Poland. The car has never been registered and driven on roads in the US. During this time the car has spent half its life in a climate-controlled garage, and the rest parked at New Jersey Motorsport Park.

Suspension overview:
Front Coilover conversion, rear Abarth springs cut

Brake overview:
Front and rear Disk brake conversion from Fiat 125 (no handbrake)

Engine overview:
Power about 40km, built in May 2012 (June 2015 Shaft grinding and new crank and main bearings)
-camshaft w111
-head -5.5mm extended duct outlet and cut guides + copper seal
-flywheel 4kg (balanced)
-Connecting rods 350g
-machined pistons (valve undercut)
– belt wheel aluminum divided 1:1
– muffler with strong aluminum plate and removable mute(cut off)
-aluminum pushers guards
-RC funnel inlet made of fiberglass.
-lightly modified serial carburetor
-electronic ignition from elegant an ignition cutoff at 7k rpm.

-serial after inspection without leaks

Location: Garfield, New Jersey, United States

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