1971 PORSCHE 917K


We are pleased to offer this very unique 1971 Porsche 917K. The car was commissioned by Bill Freeman of Newman Freeman Racing, a race partnership that included the late Paul Newman that successfully competed in various forms of racing, including Indy Cars, Can-Am, S.C.C.A and I.M.S.A racing. Billโ€™s company, Fine Sports Cars specialized in restoring legendary sports racing cars and recreating significant racing cars to very a high level of detail, like this Porsche 917K. This Porsche 917K was Billโ€™s last project and was going to be the only, authentic 917K recreation built. Unfortunately, Bill had passed away before the car could be completed, so we have been asked to sell it. There is very little to complete the car and we are happy to assist any way we can. We have gone through the car and have spoke to the original builder to determine what is left to complete the car and mostly it just consists of finish plumbing the systems (Brakes, Oil & Fuel), exhaust and some wiring. We also have access to the builder, many of the suppliers, as well as the engine tuner that can tune the engine and will be happy to provide those to the new owner.


There are over 3000 hours into this build and Bill and his team went to great lengths to build this car to the 917K specs. They had access to the original cars and were able to get measurements, source original parts, or remanufacture them to make this car as close to the original cars as possible. This includes the entire rear engine section of the car that was unique to the 917K. This also includes a custom made rear suspension and bodywork to allow for the massive rear wheels and tires that were unique to the 917K.


Two part chassis with forward section from the drivers bulkhead forward is an aluminum monocoque and the rear section (engine bay) as the original is mild steel DOM tubing in the same configuration as the original cars. Correct 70mm (3″) ride height as per the factory LeMans Cars.


Consists of front and center sections bonded to the chassis

Flip-up doors bonded to alloy tube inner frame

Lift-off front cover

Lift-off rear body section

Correct rear body modifications including “shark fin” winglets and original Martini Rossi graphics

All panels are hand laid in 4mm thick GRP using high heat resistant vinyl


1995 Porsche 993 6CYL 3.6L M64/07 engine

Porsche 930 4 Speed Transmission 930-301-301 OR

ITB Throttles, TEC-gt200, DFUs, Dual Plug, 46mm

Electromotive TEC-GT 200 engine management system, 2 DFU Coil packs, cam sync adapter, un-terminated wire harness, required sensors & connectors, Clewett Engineering throttle bodies, linkage, air filters, injectors and regulator


Suspension geometry is as the original cars with 70mm ride height (adjustable)

Front: Upper and Lower A-arms TIG welded in chrome-moly steel and attached to the chassis via spherical rod ends.

Rear: Upper links, wishbones and trailing arms TIG welded in chrome-moly steel and attached to chassis via spherical rod ends

Front and Rear uprights, cast in LM25 heat treated alloy

Front splines NC machined from 4140 steel, peg driven to wheels, attached by 70mm RH and LH threaded nuts

Adjustable coil-over shock absorbers

1000-1200 pound front springs, 900 pound springs in rear

All spherical rod ends are aviation grade by Aurora

Uprights are hand fabricated with billet steel bearing retainers designed to carry Corvette race bearings with mild steel webbing tig welded to suspension pickup points

Control arms are of DOM tubing as per the original cars

Front uprights are Billet aluminum 6061 with custom steering rack and carry the same GM race bearings as the rear

Rear sway bar is 19.05mm heat treated steel as per the original (adjustable)

Front sway bar is 31.75mm (adjustable)


Brake balance bar, twin master cylinders

Tilton pedal box with balance car and individual accelerator, brake, clutch pedals

4 Corners have Wilwood Calipers (6 piston in front and 4 piston in rear) 31.75mm rotors x 298.45mm wide


Modified ZF rack. Adjustable position wheel hub mount

Quick-release hub with 13 inch alloy steering wheel


Front: 15 inch diameter

Rear: 15 inch diameter

Peg driven from rear and retained by center lock nuts

Cast from original 917 wheels

Front Tires: AVON 9.1/23-5-15

Rear: AVIB 15.0/26.0-15


Door hinges are hand made to match the original

Driver seat molded in GRP from original 917 seat. Slotted safety harness. Aluminum firewall with ABS back window

Dash upholstered in black as per original


Tachometer, oil pressure, oil temp, fuel, warning lights, circuit breaker panel, turn indicator


Custom built tank by Aero Tec Laboratories

Triple baffled welded alloy, with a surge tank.

18 US gallons capacity with side filler cap as original.


The 917K was further developed for the 1971 season, and the car had vertical fins and two air boxes on the tail section for better aerodynamics and cooling. The fins retained the airflow over the rear part of the bodywork, allowing the deck height to be reduced for a given level of downforce. As a result, the ‘finned’ 1971 917Ks were faster than the 1970 versions and proved just as successful, winning seven of the eleven WSC races. A version of this model with a lightweight magnesium chassis won the 1971 24 Hours of Le Mans. The white #22 Martini Racing entered 917K of Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep set an overall distance record that stood until 2010. This Porsche 917K still holds the fastest lap at the Le Mans racing circuit to this day.

The Porsche 917 represents a turning point for motorsport. It marks the transition from a focus on speed to a focus on low lap time through increased downforce and thus corner speed. At the end of the Mulsanne Straight, the 917’s were traveling at 240 mph. The 917 was never designed to be pretty. It was designed to be fast. Its beauty is just a happy corollary.

The ultimate tribute was paid to this successful design when the FIA changed the regulations for the 1972 season, thus precluding the 917’s from competing again. The romantic, high speed era of beautiful cars, which began with the post-war Jaguars, Aston Martin’s, Mercedes, and Ferrari’s, finished, making the Porsche 917 the last icon of this legendary breed.

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