For sale is this 427 Cobra Kit Car 90% complete. It comes with a fresh 427 Ford Motor. New 4 speed transmission, new chrome exhaust, new headers, new clutch set up. New Edelbrock heads, new valves and springs, new rollers and intake manifold. New carburetor and flat top pistons so you don’t have to use Hi-grade gas.

I have had this car for 15 years inside my shop where my friend worked on it. The car has never been registered, and has never been driven. Please check out all the pictures to see exactly what I am selling.
I didn’t finish the car so it has never been registered. There is no VIN number because I wasn’t able to finish the car. Once you finish the car you will be able to take it to DMV and have it registered to be street legal.
Everything is new, you would have a brand new car when you are finished. This is a perfect opportunity to get that car you have always wanted. 90% complete, with a little work you can have your dream car for an exceptional price. It was my project car but I’m getting to old to finish the car so I have to let it go. My loss your gain.
I can sell all the parts for what I am asking for the car. It’s a awesome deal.

Oceanside, California, United States