BMW chrome moly tube frame car,  had two hours run time at Daytona Speedway Oct.. 2015.  Has E36 and E42 body work.  Total weight on scales, 1850 with fuel. Body work is fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar.  *Engine: BMW M42 double overhead cam 16 valve early model block 290 hp, built by Rebello Race Engines, Antioch, CA. *I.R. 42 mm electronic fuel injection. *Electromotive engine management system. *Oil system: Dry sump with 3.5 gallon reservoir. *Cooling system: al. radiator with a two liter European water pump, Gilmore drive system. *Clutch: Tilton 7.5 triple disk. *Transmission: Saenz GTR 5-speed. *Suspension: Front A-frame with revalvable Bilstein shocks and coil over springs.  *Drive shaft carbon fiber. *Differential: BMW328 with Quafe self biasing center section. *Rear suspension: Quad link independent with custom made alum. uprights, and BMW bearings. *Winston Cup style brakes mfg by Coleman and Tilton 4 puck calipers. *Fuel cell custom ATL. *Two fuel pumps, 1 lift pump, and 1 high pressure Bosch pump with high pressure filter.

Rosemary Beach, Florida, United States