2007 Petty Enterprises Car of Tomorrow Dodge Charger look- Former oval, mostly converted to road course. I say mostly converted because its never been on the road course in mine or the previous owners ownership. I attempted to take it to sebring in October, but lack of brake lights and lack of sorting halted that quickly…
I got it from a guy who bought it directly from Petty enterprises. It is chassis 007 (cool number right)
Has the dodge race motor R5 P7 making 848 horse on the engine dyno (engine built by Evernham. Dyno time only) Comes with a folder/binder from Evernham including engine dyno sheet
Road race A arms
Road race springs
AP racing pedal box
Alcon TPC Front Calipers
Brembo Rears
Huge oil cooler, radiator and fan setup
TEX racing tranny
New SX Battery and on board charger
Dual Bottle fire system
14.1 Steering Box
I currently welded in channel iron and normal road race seat uprights and have a larger kirkey containment seat in it. I also have the factory NASCAR seat and containment panels you are welcome too as well. Without any adjustment, as it sits, car will accomodate someone 6′-6’4. I am 6’5 and the pedal box is not entirely comfortable to me as the pedals are still 4-5″ away from the firewall. They were originally 8″ away from the firewall. I have the parts and spacer I’ll also include for that.
Box full of slugs to adjust alignment and such, plus some oval spares, flywheels and things that came with car.

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States