Vintage / Historic Racing Car in Driving Condition, IMSA, SVRA, VARA, HMSA, SCCAA.

Rare, unique, beautiful and very interesting mid-engine sportscar, providing lots of driving excitement. Street or vintage/ historic racing.

Approx. 1,500 were produced.

The MATRA DJET, introduced in 1962, was the world’s first production mid-engine sports car. It set the stage for performance street cars for decades to come, demonstrating the superior handling characteristics of the mid-engine. The DJET was originally built by René Bonnet and Charles Deutsch, and was sold under the Automobiles René Bonnet. In 1964 French aerospace company MATRA purchased the company and continued to sell the DJET unchanged.

This beauty has the following: 1255 Gordini engine – Gordini is well known engine tuner – 4 speed manual transmission- Tubular “backbone” chassis – Fiberglass body – Full independent suspension – Four-wheel disc brakes – Rack-and-pinion steering – New windshield and back hatch glass rubber – Lower dashboard piece with radio delete and ashtray.

Car has the patina. It is old paint with some scratches. Drive it as is with the patina, or restore it.

This car was imported to the U.S. in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. A doctor drove/ raced the car with his son in SCCA. Later they had 2 MATRA DJET’s, which they both raced and drove. They painted both cars in French blue, as you can see on the door jams. Original paint was yellow. One of the previous owners was the MATRA DJET club president in the U.S. Based on information I was given, the famous French racecar driver Pescorolo has worked on the suspension or drove the car in France, but I have no documentation to show for it. Pescorolo had a racing team and drove different cars at Le Mans.

Car is in driving condition, but needs to be prepared for competition, if so desired.

An interesting car and well-accepted in all rallies and racing organizations. Being so unique and different, it is an attention-grabber!

Location: Northridge, California, United States

Seller: boystuff628

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